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Canvas bags telescopic conveyor diversity of choice

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2018/07/21 11:01
Canvas stretching transport bag size specifications according to customer requirements using cotton canvas 10 * 10 main material, set off selection φ5-8mm skeleton of wire, the thickness of up to 1.5-3mm, there are a variety of specifications. I plant a professional circle sewing equipment, workmanship and beautiful, inside smooth, fine workmanship, the useful life and from the use of millions of times. Commonly used to transport grain, fertilizer, graphite, ceramic powder, cement, dust and other materials.
Canvas bags inside the telescopic conveyor smooth, beautiful appearance, breathable uniform, transportation capacity, speed, stroke big, dimensionally stable, easy ventilation wear and long life, energy saving, installation, small footprint, easy to work without noise construction and other advantages, widely used: for directing gases, mechanical ventilation, chemical industry and industrial ventilation.
Canvas bags telescopic conveyor main connection flange connection and the ferrule connection, 1, and therefore it has a high temperature resistance, completely safe to use in thermal power plants, boilers, gas turbine exhaust systems, dust removal system. 2, petrochemical enterprises: boiler, industrial furnace flue gas desulfurization devices.
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